Posted May 24 2016

Song Of The Week - Bob Dylan At 75 - Mr Tambourine Man At 52

We’ve written many times on these electronic pages about the wonder of Robert Zimmerman from Hibbing. We talked both electric and eclectic, influences and influential. We’ve praised the light and we’ve followed him into the dark. Why does he keep coming up? Seriously – you have to ask? Maybe you’re on the wrong site? In the wrong room? On the wrong fucking planet??

Bob Dylan turned 75 today – as mercurial as ever, as defiantly brilliant as ever. To celebrate we’ve brought it all the way back home to Newport 1964 and the unveiling of Mr Tambourine Man, surely one of the finest songs the man ever wrote. It’s tempting to call it stream of consciousness – but the more you hear it, the more you watch the man, the more you get the feeling that every word, every intonation, every note is calculated, beautifully managed, and – fuck it! – just right. (And we like “right” round here.)

Happy Birthday Mr Zimmerman – the world genuinely would have been a lesser place without you. And there’s not many you can say that about – and mean it.

Pete Seeger introduces him here. The following year, Seeger tried to take an axe to his guitar cable when Dylan went electric. Got to love the man. Both of them, to be fair.

Here’s to 75 more years!! (Unlikely, we know.)


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