Posted Feb 07 2016

DGA Goes Inarritu -Bring The Confusion

So now things are really confused. Last night the Directors Guild gave its top honour to Alejandro G. Inarritu. For the SECOND TIME IN A ROW. Something that has never happened before in their 68 year history. We actually didn’t see this one coming – largely on the grounds they’ve never done that before!

We thought they’d be the ones to sort out this whole Spotlight V Big Short kerfuffle. Now, rather than, squaring the pitch, they’ve queered the pitch. Could Academy voters now follow suit (bear in mind, Oscar voting is still open) and go for Alejandro AND his movie two years in a row? (It would certainly undermine that whole #OscarsSoWhite debate a bit.)

Either way, we’re seeing The Big Short as being undermined the most by all this. Maybe Hollywood just woke up and realised after all its wit and social relevance, it’s still a comedy, and “Hey, we don’t do that!”

All of which positions Spotlight in a much stronger place. Still have a feeling that the sheer brutalism of The Revenant (and that whole notion of giving it to the same guy twice) works against it. Leaving the paedo priest exposers to get in there. Still not calling it…but getting close.

Meanwhile, over at BAFTA, voting closes this Wednesday, 10th. Some of us here at lastword have completed their voting forms and are about to hit “Submit.” We’re not telling you all, just to say – we haven’t gone for Leo, largely because it’s such a done deal, he doesn’t need our vote. (We’re not saying who we voted for instead – but he’s Irish/German and we’re writing this on a MacBook Air.)

That said, we’re still fairly confident that The Revenant is going to win Best Pic and Director in the UK – partly because the film is undeniably powerful. But also partly because BAFTA didn’t swing that way last year (they went Boyhood/Linklater, lest you forget.) Again, we’re not calling it just yet – come back mid-week for when we publish our definitive stand-or-fall-predictions.

Other DGA-wise – the newly installed First-Time Feature Film Director award deservedly went to Alex Garland for his brilliantly haunting and off-balance Ex Machina.

In related awards news, Inside Out cemented its totally bloody obvious and utterly deserved world domination when it picked up a whopping total of ten awards at last night’s Annie Awards for animation, including Best Film, Directing and Writing. Kudos also for the team behind “The Bear That Raped Leo”  (as we’re all now calling it,) who walked away (and who could walk away after that?) with the Annie for Best Animation In A Live Action Production


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