Posted Jun 15 2016

The Boss - This Movie Does Not Rock

Dir: Ben Falcone

Starring Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Bell, Peter Dinklage, Kathy Bates, Timothy Simons, Kristen Schaal, Ella Anderson

First off, Kristen Bell is great in this. A welcome presence. And secondly, Peter Dinklage can do no wrong. (And plays well with Veep’s splendid Simons.) Which brings us to McCarthy. As ever, she starts with “crass” and then cranks it up. In the hands of an average director – and her husband Falcone is very definitely that – McCarthy’s talents are presented as a singular, one-note thing. And initially here – as a rich financial type who falls due to insider trading, then rediscovers her nice side (did we say “crass” already?) – that singularity is all she offers. It’s to the woman’s credit that she starts to find more depth in the part and does a bit more with it. Until, of course, we get to the third act resolution which is a thing that practically screams “Hackneyed!!”

The Boss does have one saving grace for at least part of its running time though – it’s use of language. It’s not afraid to swear. As PG-13 as much of the movie feels (it does have a lot to do with girl guides’ cookie selling after all) it’s not afraid to ‘eff and blind with the best of ‘em. Yes, we know it’s not big. We know it’s not clever. But it is funny. And – outside of such moments – funny is in short supply here.


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