Posted Mar 10 2016

The Ones Below - This Movie Just About Darkly Rocks

Dir: David Farr

Starring Clemence Posey, David Morrissey, Stephen Campbell Moore, Laura Birn

With a few obvious nods to Hitchcock and Polanski both, David Farr’s movie is a neat little thriller that plays upon the fears of becoming a parent, and the inevitable urban paranoia of never being sure about who your neighbours really are.

Posey and Campbell-Moore are a young London couple, recently pregnant. Morrissey and Birn are the new neighbours, also recently pregnant, who move in downstairs. But there’s something amiss with control freak Morrissey and, following a tragic dinner party accident, it becomes increasingly clear that these couples are probably not gong to get along too well.

As Posey’s paranoia moves between The Hand That Rocks The Cradle and Repulsion, Farr delicately builds the tension towards an effective and unexpected outcome.

It’s all very low key, but appropriately naturalistic, and if the tropes are familiar ones, the cast deliver it all very well, especially Morrissey who relishes his suave, but decidedly untrustworthy bad guy to the point of almost scenery chomping.


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