Posted Aug 29 2016

Mechanic Resurrection - This Movie Doesn't Quite Stath Rock

Dir: Dennis Gansel

Starring Jason Statham, Jessica Alab, Tommy Lee Jones, MIchelle Yeoh

There has come to be a standard form to the nature of the Stath movie. He is taciturn, generally isolated somewhere near a beach – sometimes the Caribbean, sometimes the southern parts of Europe. He is often cast against a good looking actress who has outworn her welcome (if she ever had one) in mainstream Hollywood movies. Oh, and shit blows up. And he kills people – really and rather energetically well.

Those hoping for a progression from said winning formula – given the trailer to  this sequel to one of his most pedestrian offerings – in which a sky pool is, shall we say, spectacularly “corrupted” to Jase’s advantage – might well be disappointed.

Despite such promising presages, this is Stath by the numbers. All of the above boxes are ticked. But, with a desire to play with character on display, things verge between sluggish moments and action sequences that seem to want to ape the Greengrass effect, but just come across as shoddily edited.

As ever, our Jason is the best thing on show, and, as equally ever, you just wish everything around him was more able to not just support him, but promote him. Alba is a cipher in a bikini, whilst Tommy Lee Jones is at least enjoying the fact he’s got a sizeable paycheck to go home to that night.

It would be genuinely a good thing if Jason Statham movies stopped being ‘generic’ and became ‘specific.’ But on the strength of this, it ain’t happening anytime soon.


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