Posted Dec 13 2015

By The Sea - This Marriage Movie Is On The Rocks (But Doesn't)

Dir: Angelina Jolie Pitt

Starring Brangelina, Melanie Laurent, Melvil Poupard, Neils Arestrup

Jolie Pitt’s third movie as writer-director is set in Europe of the early 1970s, and seeks to evoke European arthouse movies of the same period. However, whilst it may well be set in an idyllic French town (Malta in reality) and is often beautiful to look at – Ms Jolie Pitt and her not too shabby hubby Brad included, it focuses on two people who have nothing to say to each other. Subsequently, her film has little to offer to anyone else.

The Pitts are a married pair in all sorts of crises – he’s the standard issue writer who can’t write, so drinks and smokes a lot, she’s the ephemeral beauty whose deep, dark unspoken secret leads to her pulling a lot of languorous poses and staring into the distance in a suicidal manner.

The arrival at their hotel of a young, hot, newly married couple, coupled with a hole in the wall, turns the Pitts into voyeurs for a while. But nothing else is really of interest. Naturally, she has her longed for catharsis by the final reel and he gets to write his next great novel (called By The Sea by the way) as a result of all this ennui. But the denouncement when it comes is really overwrought and ultimately inconsequential.

Which could be said of the film as a whole. Certainly the latter point.


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