Posted Aug 10 2016

Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates - This Movie Doesn't Rock So Much You Wouldn't Believe

Dir: Jake Szymanski

Starring Zac Efron, Anna Kendrick, Aubrey Plaza,  Adam Devine

Now here’s a movie “based on a true story” that won’t be troubling Awards season this year!

Remember when comedies started being labelled “dumb”? It started with Dumb & Dumber, obviously, but often these movies were stealth movies hiding beneath such labelling. Take Dodgeball for example – anything but dumb.

Well, now we seem to have moved from the sub-genre of “dumb”into the plain “stupid” era. Worse yet, the “crude & stupid” era. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the moment where movies just substitute the word “fuck” for a joke. And when that doesn’t work – hit the bong to claim “relevance.”

No, we’re not being fuddy-duddy and morally high-horsey – we just like the notion of a gag being constructed from more than one word! Mike & Dave etc. features charismatic performers embracing a completely banal script. And they should know better.

So we have Efron and Devine as loser brothers in search of wedding dates to placate their uptight family, who hook up with Kendrick and Plaza and head off to Hawaii, where – guess what? – everything goes wild, then everyone learns something and it all goes right again. It’s like the Hollywood approach to mainstream comedy has become so generic that you only really need to see the trailer to know what happens these days.

Apatow and co may have had a hand in this, but at least 40 Year Old Virgin, Knocked Up and Bridesmaids are smart, informed and fundamentally witty movies. This is just “stuff” - witless, uninspired, asinine “stuff.”

Which is a huge shame, as Efron is really good at what he does (but this and Dirty Grandpa confirm his sense of choice is for shit), Kendrick is a total pro and deserves better, Plaza has her moments, and Devine – well, he plays it all like he’s in a sitcom. A bad sitcom.

This is lowest common denominator stuff – you might laugh. But then you should ask yourself why? Would it hurt to have a good joke in a movie like this, rather than a collection of just cheap unfunny ones?



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