Posted Jan 31 2016

Spotlight Back In Spotlight. Sort Of.

When it comes to predicting this awards season, in terms of the Oscars, there are certain barometers – the Editor’s Guild’s ACE Eddie Awards and the Screen Actors Guild SAG awards being two of them. And, now that we’re fairly confident in having the Best Picture race down to either Spotlight or The Big Short, the results of this past weekend’s ceremonies of both have left, well, still the same slightly blurred picture.

In short, The Big Short won the Eddie on Friday, whilst Spotlight picked up the SAG ensemble award on Saturday.

Now the editors have been right on Best Pic nine times out of the last 12 years – but it’s worth noting that they differentiate between Comedy and Drama and Big Short picked up the former, with the latter going to Mad Max Fury Road - not helpful guys. (The Eddies also anointed clear faves Inside Out for Animation and Amy for Doc.)

SAG meanwhile is actors voting for actors and, as the largest voting branch of the Academy, is always a good indicator of where the final awards will go. In picking Spotlight over Big Short – both ensemble led pieces – they are clearly naming a favourite.

But – as has been the case all year – there is still no real consensus. If the Director’s Guild pick McCarthy over McKay (and they probably will – after all Big Short is still a comedy from the man who made The Other Guys!) then we might have a clear leader.

Elsewhere, SAG confirmed Leo, Brie and Alicia (Supporting) as the ones to beat, and went somewhere to redress the #OscarsSoWhite controversy by handing Idris Elba Best Supporting for Beasts Of No Nation.

Broadening things back out, we’re still pretty confident BAFTA-wise that The Revenant and Inarritu is leading things in the UK. But back in the US, it’s not really over till the DGA sings. (Which is next Saturday, Feb 6 – by the way.)


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