Posted Jan 02 2016

And In Reverse Order - Song Of The Year No.3 - David Bowie - Five Years

OK, so we know it’s not 1972. But with BlackStar stunning us a few weeks back, and his birthday in January to be marked with undoubtedly another unexpected delight of an album, we’ve been looking back at Bowie. And we could get no further than this absolute stone cold solid gem from the beginning of Ziggy, very possibly the best song the man ever made. (And that’s saying a ridiculous amount.)

Either way, for better or worse, we just can’t stop playing it this year. Also, alongside such period phrases as “the black” and “the queer”, it features one of the greatest lyrics in the history of pop music – “I think I saw you in an ice cream parlour/Drinking milk shakes cold and long/Smiling and waving and looking so fine/Don’t think you knew you were in this song” – not only does he stand and observe imaginary characters in imaginary future visions – he then quietly berates them for their ignorance!

Next time someone comes up to you in the street and asks you – why is David Bowie a genius? Here’s a two-step programme –

Step One – Slap them round the face REALLY hard

And, Step Two – Make them watch this!

(Oh and 1972 is the new 2015 by the way! And his brain hurts a lot.))


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