Posted Jan 02 2016

And In Reverse Order - Song Of The Year No.2 - David Soul - Silver Lady

OK, so we know it’s not 1977. But damn if we can’t stop playing this immaculate piece of almost disco pop here at LastWord Towers these past few months. No explanations. No excuses (if such things were needed.) We know it’s not contemporary, and we know it was recently used in a movie – Filth – but even that was over a year ago. So – absolutely no reason. Except to follow our site mantra – it’s right. Hit “Play” already. Damn.

And for all of you in Shoreditch, still wearing THAT hat – no, we’re not being ironic!

(Oh yeah – apologies for the video – it’s one of the worst ever made – shot with all the precision of ‘70s porn! That said, 1977 is the new 2015 – by the way.)


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