Posted Jan 02 2016

And The Winner Is - Song Of The Year - Sufjan Stevens - Death With Dignity

OK, so we know it’s not, hang on…Not only does the man walk away with the much coveted (!) LastWord Song Of The Year Award – we’re throwing in Best Album too! Is it inappropriate to celebrate a record that deals with the death of your mother and step dad on a Christmas Day? Hell no – this is a time to remember those no longer with us. And with the profoundly beautiful Carrie and Lowell, Sufjan Stevens created the most emotionally touching record of the year. This is a set of almost too-painful memories, set to beautiful, delicate music, yet still capable of finding redemption. And not just for the man who wrote and performed it. But for his listeners as well. You take from this what you bring to it. Don’t bottle it – bring it all.

Happy Christmas – and for absent friends.

(Immense thanks to Rairun for capturing this “audiencecam” performance in London recently – we were all thinking of going at the time, but didn’t. Boy, do we feel like a sea of dicks right now!)


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