Posted Aug 20 2016

Song Of The Week - Oasis - D'You Know What I Mean?

At the time of its initial release in August 1997, Oasis’s third album, Be Here Now, was probably the most anticipated record since, well, The Beatles. Sales hit record highs, reviews were ecstatic – initially. Then, over the following years, it rather rapidly fell from grace. It was the very definition of the troubled but too-coked up to notice difficult third album. Even the blessed Noel Gallagher started to have uncustomary doubts - "As the years went by, I'd started to accept that the songs on Be Here Now were in fact insanely long … too long!” he recently told Rolling Stone.

Yes, they were long. But damn they were good. And all the better for having been made by a band clearly off their tits – and loving the excess of it all. It’s a towering record, fit to stand on the shoulder of the two that preceeded it. As the world waited for its arrival, this deliberately anthemic single sounded the call for what was to come. In the summer of ’97 it was as simple as its chorus – “All my people, right here, right now/D’you know what I mean?”

We didn’t know at the time that it was probably the last great example of tribalism in British pop, but we were, genuinely, for that last brief moment, all his people. You were either in. Or you were out. D’you know what I mean?

This version is Noel's “2016 Rethink” mix of the song intended for the 20 year anniversary reissue, due on Big Brother Recordings this October, something that gave directors Dom & Nic an opportunity to go back and essentially remix their original video, adding new footage previously unseen (more helicopters, basically.) Noel had planned to tackle the whole issue of the album’s long songs in a similar fashion – but gave up after the first one.

“Someone (I can't remember who) had the idea that we re-visit, re-edit the entire album for posterity's sake. We got as far as the first track before we couldn't be arsed anymore and gave up…it does sound fucking mega though." No arguments from us on that last point.

(Oh yeah, the movie connection – well, it looks like they watched Apocalypse Now quite a few times, don’t you think? Tenuous, we know…)

Hit “Play” already. Damn!


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