Posted Sep 13 2016

Don't Breathe - This Movie Rocks The Dark

Dir: Fede Alvarez

Starring Stephen Lang, Jane Levy, Dylan Minette, Daniel Zovatto

Every now and then a horror film comes along that is just lean, extremely mean and effective. Don’t Breathe is one of those movies. Director Alvarez starts with a straightforward, basic premise – a trio of young house burglars attempt to rip off an old blind guy who allegedly lives alone with a stack of cash. And then discover they’ve picked the wrong guy to mess with. And how!

But the bare bones plotting is not too important here. What matters is the way Alvarez builds the tension of the piece. And that is something he manages here far more effectively than his earlier Evil Dead rehash.

Don’t Breathe takes its audience into a nondescript, bordering on derelict house, and shows no sign of ever letting them out. Lang presents an extremely powerful, malevolent presence, a performance that escalates as the movie progresses - as does the film itself. Alvarez is certainly not afraid of adding unexpected twists and turns to his tension-ratcheting, building and building, to the point where the film rarely if ever relaxes its grip. Edge of seats will be dangled from.

Don’t Breathe is not particularly original, but nor is it (thankfully) reliant on the jump scares of the Blomberg cannon. It is instead really rather simple. Simple, but damn effective,


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