Posted Dec 08 2015

QT making Two Out Of Eight?

We here at lastword towers aren’t quite sure how we feel about this. Given that we believe in the concept of a last word on anything and everything (until the next discussion) we’re never too happy about a filmmaker we love and hold dear going off and making anything other than a definitive version of the film he, she or it set out to make. So to hear that Quentin Tarantino, who holds all things cinematic sacred, is planning to unveil his latest in two different versions – a few minutes apart, as it were, depending on the size of the print you go to, somewhat unnerves us.

So if you go to the Ultra Panavision 70mm roadshow presentation you get an overture, an intermission (remember those?) and some extra footage. Go down your local multiplex and it’s a bit shorter. As QT explained to Variety – “The roadshow version has an overture and an intermission, and it will be three hours, two minutes. The multiplex version is about six minutes shorter, not counting the intermission time, which is about 12 minutes. The 70 is the 70. You’ve paid the money. You’ve bought your ticket. So you’re there. I’ve got you. But I actually changed the cutting slightly for a couple of the multiplex scenes because it’s not that. Now it’s on Showtime Extreme. You’re watching it on TV and you just kind of want to watch a movie on your couch. Or you’re at Hot Dog on a Stick and you just want to catch a movie.”

Now normally, we likes to get us as much Quentin as he wants to throw at us. But then again – 3 hours, 2 mins? Come on mate – what’s wrong with 100-110?? (Remember those?)


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