Posted Feb 09 2016

Point Break - This Movie Manages To Totally Not Rock. Like, Totally

Dir: Ericson Core

Starring Edgar Ramirez, Luke Bracey, Teresa Palmer, Ray Winstone, Delroy Lindo

How time marches on. Who’d have ever thought that we’d get to the point when we say of a young actor, “Well, he’s no Keanu Reeves!” Sadly though that is the case here with Luke Bracey, who steps into the biker boots of Johnny Utah in this new take on Point Break, aka the remake absolutely no one was waiting on.

The bank robbing Dead Presidents of Kathryn Bigelow’s zen surfer movie have been replaced by a group of extreme sportists, who like to jump off stuff very high up and are ruled by some cod philosophy about giving something back to the earth – despite the inherent hedonism of everything they do – which is, frankly, just bollocks. As is most of the rest of the movie.

Again, never thought we’d be caught uttering the phrase “Well, he’s no Patrick Swayze!” but in the case of Edgar Ramirez’ nonsense spouting Bodhi, that is really the only thing to say. Decent enough actor, wasted here. As is Ray Winstone, who appears to be so concerned with simply picking up the money that he can’t remember which accent he’s using from one scene to the next.

Yes, they have the big wave bit, yes they have the shooting the gun in the air and screaming in frustration bit (but then again, so did Hot Fuzz), and yes they have the tokenistic female bit – here with the once promising Teresa Palmer replacing Lori Petty. And no, they don’t have the homo-erotic subtext of the original bit.

Former DP turned director (but also DP here) Core Ericson, along The Wave director Roar Uthaug, may well have the best name in action movies. But whilst his action/stunt sequences are generally impressive, they fail to ignite the adrenalin in the audiences that the protagonists are clearly living by. (And seem to reply on increasingly ropey CGI in the film’s final 20 minutes or so.)

So it fails by comparison. But does the all-new Point Break stand on its own? Nope. It doesn’t seen to really know what an “own” is.
Point Break? More like Point Less.


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