Posted Feb 11 2016

Deadpool - This Move Subversively Rocks

Dir: Tim Miller

Starring Ryan Reynolds, Morena Baccarin, T J Miller, Ed Skrein, Brianna Hildebrand

Well it’s certainly smart. And it’s certainly funny. And it’s definitely the role Ryan Reynolds has been waiting his whole life for. And it’s fair to say that Deadpool is unlike any other superhero out there. The Merc With The (Potty) Mouth breaks the fourth wall continually, talks to the audience, swears like a trooper, references the notion of being in a superhero movie, and yet manages to establish himself as very much a part of the X Men cinematic universe – with two visits to Professor Xavier school for the gifted. In between he tells us his origin story, falls in love with Morena Baccarin (who wouldn’t?) and takes on what the titles describe as “A British Villain” (Ed Skrein.) By the way, the opening titles are a hoot, one of the highlights of the film, and stay right till the end of the end titles for Pool’s Ferris Bueller moment. Oh, and Stan Lee shows up in a strip club, for good measure.

So for the most part, Deadpool is a rip roaring success. If anything though there is almost too much back story and origin, and Reynolds’ endless quips – whilst nearly always very funny – do lend the film a one-note feel at times.

But these are ultimately minor quibbles. Deadpool is fresh, original and makes you laugh. It may be too glib to draw its audience in on an emotional level, and ultimately lacks any sense of real jeopardy – the final showdown is between a man who can’t be killed and a man who feels no pain – but it always knows how to subvert its own form and entertain whilst doing so. We’re expecting to see a lot of Pool in the future (especially since the sequel was greenlit even before this one opened.)


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