Posted Apr 01 2016

Eddie The Eagle - This Movie Rocks the Very Basics of "Feel Good" In A "Feel Good" Way

Dir: Dexter Fletcher

Starring Taron Egerton, Hugh Jackman, Tim McInnerny, Keith Allen, CHristopher Walken, Jo Hartley

We here at lastword were lucky enough to have Dexter Fletcher show up after our recent screening of Eddie The Eagle. We don’t think he was invited to BAFTA that afternoon, we just think the man showed up and he likes to talk. Either way, one of the things he admitted was much of his based-on-a-true-story tale of Winter Olympics glory was more or less made up. Which came as a relief, because, as anyone who lived through the trials and tribs of Eddie The Eagle Edwards at the time (and a few of us here sadly are old enough to lay claim to that) know – there really wasn’t a strong enough third act. Fletcher though, on his third outing behind the camera – one that is as impressive as its predecessors – finds the heart of the tale. And runs with it beautifully.

Eddie The Eagle is a film that puts reality on the back burner and practically redefines the notion of the “feel good movie.” It’s an underdog story – hell, the underdog story –and if it doesn’t make you cry and/or cheer, then check you’re still breathing.

And there are a couple of things outside of Mr Fletcher that secure this. For those wondering if Egerton’s turn as Eggsy in Kingsmen was a one-off, wonder no more. The young man here completely delivers, offering up a character that you can’t help but love. (and if it happens, we'd quite happily embrace him as the young Han Solo.) Yes, this film is shameless in its manipulation of emotions – but all for the greater good. 

And then Wolverine shows up to drink bourbon and help train the hapless man. Inspired.

Eddie The Eagle is an unequivocal piece of “you go to the cinema to feel better about the world” propaganda. And we should all bow down and thank them for just that!


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