Posted Mar 23 2016

The Club - This Movie Depressingly Sort Of Rocks

Dir: Pablo Larrain

Starring Roberto Farias, Antonia Zegers, Alberto Castro 

Larrain’s latest focuses on a sleepy coastal Chilean town and a house full of four old men, one woman and a greyhound. The dog is everything it appears to be, but the people are in reality four defrocked priests and a wayward nun who acts as their warden. This is where the church hides away it shame, all these people have sinned in the eyes of their curch, ranging from homosexuality to child abuse, and here they spend their time both repressing and repenting. Until the arrival of a new lodger and a local young man, formerly abused by the priests that raised him, start to erode their world. This in turn leads to the arrival of an investigator from the so-called “new church" determined to make them if not atone, then at least admit their former sins. Something no one is prepared to do.

Larain’s sombre film paints a weary view of humanity, something captured well in the etched faces of his four male leads. It’s a slow build to some degree of inevitable violence, and whilst the film never provides characters you can feel for, the alienation of the situation is well conveyed. Brooding and intense at times, but just as often meandering in a less rewarding way.

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