Posted Jun 19 2020

The Sandman Does The Hustle

More than most, Adam Sandler has had a very fruitful relationship with Netflix. True, most of his comedies haven’t hit the like of his earlier career, but Uncut Gems – for which the man was robbed of a much-deserved Oscar nomination! – was up there with Punch Drunk Love, performance-wise, and his return to stand up special, 100% Fresh, is more than worth a look (or two.)

The actor has just announced his next venture with the streaming giant, which is titled Hustle and sees the Sandman play a fading basketball scout who finds the next big thing abroad and tries to take him to the NBA. And speaking of the NBA, LeBron James is producing.

OK, so it all sounds a little like the 1994 Kevin Bacon vehicle The Air Up There, but we here at Last Word are always happy to see the Sandman. God knows when they’ll be able to film it, mind.

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