Posted Jul 27 2020

Da 5 Bloods - This Movie Spike Rocks

Dir: Spike Lee

Starring Delroy Lindo, Chadwick Boseman, Clarke Peters, Jonathan Majors, Melanie Thierrey

Riding high on his recent Oscar win – ridiculously his first and only! – for BlacKKKlansman, Spike Lee has followed the path of his sometimes mentor Martin Scorsese and headed to Netflix, to allow him to make the films he wants to make. And Da 5 Bloods is an undeniably powerful, often excoriating, and deeply emotional movie that mixes and matches Apocalypse Now with Treasure of the Sierra Mardre.

Delroy Lindo – on career-best form – leads a stand out cast of black veterans as they return to Vietnam, ostensibly to retrieve the body of a fallen comrade (Boseman – seen in flashback and impressive as always), but also to dig up a large pile of gold buried years before. And down that way madness lies.

It’s a tale that sees lives already ripped apart fall to even further levels of shit, with Lee employing all his skill to humanise and develop his characters. As ever he moves between brutal realism and magic realism in an extremely powerful manner, backed (again, as ever) by an amazing Terrence Blanchard score.

It’s a long movie and what feels like an uncompromised one, and one that is remarkably apposite to its time – Black Live Matter comes to the fore and plays a significant role in the underlying politics of this powerful movie.

More than anything, it’s a film that – once again – confirms Lee as one of American cinema’s finest filmmakers. Proving – once again - that Netflix do know how to handle the best of the best.


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