Posted Feb 26 2020

Color Out Of Space - This Lovecraftian Nightmare Movie Batshit Rocks

Dir: Richard Stanley

Starring Nicolas Cage, Joely Richardson, Madeleine Arthur

Last spotted secretly wandering around the set of his abandoned Island of Dr Moreau, Richard Stanley finally makes his return. And in somewhat strangely spectacular fashion. Tackling this apparently unfilmable H P Lovecraft story, Stanley delivers a film that is part familial drama, part psychedelic nightmare and ultimately all out deeply unsettling.

Nic Cage is in family man mode, patriarch to an ailing wife and three children, when a meteorite lands on his isolated farm. Said meteor – and whatever life form it embraces – slowly starts to make its presence felt as behaviours, mentalities and ultimately physicalities start to change. And then – well – shit gets weird.

Employing a sound design that often opts to bury dialogue underneath Colin Stetson’s impressive score, Stanley’s film is designed to unnerve, whilst managing to suck its audience in in the same manner. With Society-esque practical effects, the film explores the world of Lovecraft in a visceral manner. With Cage verging into “full-on Cage” mode at times the film embraces its absurdities. But ultimately becomes something visually ambitious and more than often genuinely disturbing.



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