Posted Mar 02 2019

Serenity - Thie Movie Does Not (Plymouth) Rock

Dir: Steven Knight

Starring Matthew McConaughey, Anne Hathaway, Jason Clarke, Diane Lane, Djimon Hounsou, Jeremy Strong

So it starts off like Moby Dick. But the Whale has become a Tuna. More than that. It’s a Tuna fish inside Matthew McConaughey’s head. That he needs to catch. Which becomes even handier when a bespectacled nerd shows up and offers him a “fish finder” – no, really. It happened – we were watching. Then it all goes a little bit Double Indemnity with the sultry Anne Hathaway showing up offering ex flame McConaughey a cool ten mill to off her boorish husband Jason Clarke. Then there are sort of mystical overtones in what initially feels like a Jacob’s Ladder kind of way. Or possibly enhanced PTSD. And then suddenly it might be Tron..? Or even Ready Player One, but with Matt back to the days of getting his kit off at any opportunity.

What? The? Fuck??

Full marks to writer-director Steve Knight for going for “different” here. But, boy, does it land on its arse! And hard!

And yet the strange thing is – it isn’t terrible. As existential looks into the deep dark abyss of computer gaming – and film echoing – goes, it’s not bad. Almost strangely compelling for its duration.

“Sometimes we do bad things for good reasons’ – yes, Mr Knight, you do. But as overly ambitious, deeply flawed, totally out of left field batshit crazy mind fucks go – we’ve seen worse.


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