Posted Feb 03 2020

Last Word Live Blogs The BAFTAs - 2020

And here we go again…

Graham Norton steps up from the minors (BAFTA TV awards) to the majors (well, this!) and we expect nothing but genial – and sharp – perfection.

As has become its wont, the ceremony starts with a largely incongruous piece of show business – in this case a lame attempt to address diversity, before kicking in with the host’s monologue.

First take at The Irishmen, second at the Englishman, as in Prince William. Graham is wearing a jacket older than Florence Pugh. “White men finally broke through” this year - high five, appropriately. And Quentin’s Once Upon A Time…got a dig, as did The Irishman.

And then we’re down to the actual awards – starting with British Film – Taika Waititi and Roman Griffin Davis are here to give something to 1917…and they do. Sam Mendes looks surprised but he isn’t. We knew this was going to happen. Says some nice things though.

And then Richard E Grant and Naomi Harris show up to give Best Supporting Actress to Laura Dern – she should get ready for next Sunday as well. Adam Driver looked happy – which is rare. Great speech - thanks Peter Sellers, even. And she loves movies.

After a brief Rising Star aberration, George MacKay and Dean-Charles Chapman walk in a continuous shot to give JoJo Rabbit the Best Adapted Screenplay, to Taika from the colonies. Goes with a good Brexit gag as well.

 And then Jessie Buckley – Wild Rose – blows the roof off the joint with Glasgow.

Gillian Anderson and Asa Butterfield are on hand to both plug Netflix' Sex Educatio and deliver Best Outstanding Brit Breakthrough hingy - they die on their arse as they hand the award to Bait.

We have long said that Andy Serkis should have won Best Actor long ago for Rise of the Planet of The Apes – now the man finally has one (won.) Ian McKellan did him proud in the intro. But Andy took it home.

Jodie Turner-Smith hands Best Doc to For Sama - as expected.

Florence Pugh shows up in a nightmare of a dress to give Original Screenplay – unexpectedly – to Parasite. Quentin looks less than happy.

Then Scar Jo is on hand to split The Irishman's Pacino/Pesci doubleBest Supporting actor and hands off to Brad. But we knew that from day one, didn’t we? Brad delivers his speech via Margot Robbie - “Heard you just became single – welcome to the club." Calling his golden face Harry - Prince William appears to laugh. 

Emilia Clarke and Vanessa Kirby go for a GOT gag – doesn’t work. Hand over the face for Vis effects to…1917. Really? We knew the plane wasn’t behind him!!!

Best Foreign Language goes to Parasite – but e knew that, didn’t we?

And the Rising Star goes – from Daniel Kaluuya – to Michael Ward. Unexpected – at least on our side. Sweet speech though.

Rebel Wilson is next on hand to hand out something – but gets her Andrews confused with her Harrys, and – indeed – her vagina. Acknowledges that Cats didn’t do well, but gets to makes a great gag about not having the balls that an all-male directors category implies, (and even gets Quentin laughing) and then gives the trophy to Sam Mendes - who is having a good night.

Olivia Colman is here - brilliantly - to present Best Actor and she gives it to Jouaquin Phoenix who feels conflicted, but lacerates both himself and the room/industry with a passionate speech on the issue of systemic racism. What a corker!

De Niro has the “follow that, pal” job of handing over Best Actress to Renee Zellweger who just confirmed next weekend’s Oscars. Clang, clang, clang went the trolley, indeed.

And then we have Best Picture – and the wonderful Hugh Grant is on hand to hug his old friend Renee – “Well done Jones” - and give the award to 1917, which does the double (well, seven if we’re counting.)

Finally, Prince William shows up to talk diversity – he knows a thing or two about white privilege after all – and ushers on Daisy Ridley and John Boyega to award Kathleen Kennedy with the BAFTA Fellowship. Spielberg shows up to say a few words and rock a solid cardigan.

And that’s it – once more. Come back next week for the Oscars – which might seem quite familiar by then…




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