Posted Feb 13 2020

Parasite - This Award Winning Movie Rocks

Dir: Boon Jong Ho

Starring Song Kang Ho, Sun-Kyun Lee, Yeo-jeung Yo

Boon Jong Ho’s remarkable film mixes very black comedy that then just gets blacker and blacker, even dipping into the tropes of horror movies, before vaguely touching on the redemptive nature of fairy tales. All the time it remains a powerful look at the haves and the have nots of this modern world, cleverly sieved through a South Korean perspective that manages to transcend both language and country to become something deeply relevant and, in many ways, almost frighteningly contemporary.

 A film that should be seen rather than plot-spoiled (and seen on the big screen due to Kyung-pyo Hong’s luminous cinematography), Jong Ho’s film captures two very disparate worlds and makes them collide, as the poor (but resourceful) Kims manage to con their way into the altogether grander home of the better off Parks. Things slowly start to go wrong…we won’t say any more.

Jong Ho’s film, which has been showered with awards, deserves them all. It’s a deep pleasure not only to discover how simply funny it is (for the most part), but also to see a black comedy that transforms into a horror movie win awards for once. The director – who has just upped his ask considerably – draws brilliant performances from every one of his cast, and produces a film that is incredibly timely, incredibly relevant, and – most importantly – incredibly good.

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