Posted Nov 06 2019

When Did The Low Key Noir New Batman Become An All Star Villain Fest?

When did Matt Reeves’ Bat-reinvention turn into an all-star villain fest? We knew Zoe Kravitz was Catwoman and Paul Dano was recently added as Riddler. Now news comes today that Colin Farrell is on for Penguin and Matthew McConaughey is up for Harvey Dent, most likely in his Two-Face mode.

Meanwhile, on the good guys’ side, Andy Serkis is on to play Alfred Pennyworth opposite Robert Pattinson’s Bruce Wayne/Bats.

Reeves’ The Batman was pitched as a relatively low key noir take on Batman as the World’s Greatest Detective – it’s sounding more and more like the Adam West ’66 take on the DC Rogues Gallery.

Traditionally speaking, most superhero movies that have two or more villains haven’t worked. Here’s hoping Reeves knows more than we do.



The Batman opens June 25 2021



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