Posted Oct 12 2019

LFF 2019 Preview - Somebody Up There Likes Me

Dir: Mike Figgis

Starring Ronnie Wood, Rod Stewart, Mick Jagger, Keith Richards

Ronnie Wood – this charming man!

The long-absent Mike Figgis returns with a brief, but nonetheless very insightful, portrait of the man who paints portraits. And – when he’s not – plays guitar with The Rolling Stones. A very engaging Ronnie Wood is captured here in just about all his glory – painting in his studio and being discussed, in very amusing fashion, by such old muckers as Rod Stewart, Mick Jagger and – of course – Keith Richards.

It’s a look at the man that covers a very varied career, but also manages to drill beneath the surface. At a brisk 71 minutes, it might feel slight at times, but Figgis – despite some odd card games – manages to find the spirit of the man. And what a charming man he is.



Somebody Up There Likes Me plays the LFF on 12 & 13 October. For more info go to




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