Posted Apr 24 2019

In A Post-Batman World, Ben Affleck Moves Back Behind And In Front Of The Camera

Having finally hung up his cape (partly through choice, partly through public admonition) Ben Affleck is all set to step back in front and behind the camera, with Ghost Army. Based on the book The Ghost Army Of World War II, by Rick Beyer and Elizabeth Sayles, itself already the basis for a doc by the name of The Ghost Army (see below), it tells the WWII tale of a group of artists and designers brought together to create a “ghost army” of inflatable tanks, cut out planes, fake platoons and more, designed to impress upon the enemy the might of the allied forces.

Despite the fact that Live By Night was something of a disappointment, we here at Last Word are glad to see Aflleck out of the cowl and back behind the megaphone.


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