Posted Jun 30 2019

Oh Quentin, Where Does Your Ellipsis Lie??

Perhaps the most confusing thing so far about Quentin Tarantino’s latest, is not so much joining the dots, as finding out where the dots should go. QT’s use of the three dots we call ellipsis has so far failed to be consistent. Sometimes it comes after the “Once Upon A Time…” as in the time-honoured tradition of the setting up of a fairy tale. In other bits of pre-publicity material, it comes in the altogether more unusual placing of after the subsequent “In” as in “Once Upon A Time In…” leaving “Hollywood” the isolated element in the title. Indeed, in the poster below, QT offers us both versions – above and below the line. It’s just all so damn confusing!

Maybe he’ll offer up one version on the opening titles of his movie, and another during the end credit run. Let’s just hope, as much as he’s considering re-editing his movie before its actual release in just over three weeks time, he doesn’t start tinkering any more with his titling and go down the “Once Upon…A Time” route or any such other derivation.

For the record, on this new TV spot it comes after the “In” as in “Once Upon A Time In…Hollywood”, which may end up definitive, but which we personally feel is grammatically incorrect. (But then he did kill Hitler in a cinema once, so maybe veracity isn’t QT's thing.)

 Film looks good either way!


Wherever the ellipsis ends up, it opens July 26



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