Posted May 23 2019

QT Brings The Period Poster Stuff UPDATED - Now With Post-Cannes Trailer

UPDATE - Quentin Tarantino has just debuted his Once Upon A Time in…Hollywood to a largely rapturous response at Cannes – and to celebrate he’s dropped a new trailer for the movie and a couple more of those Rick Dalton low-budget movie posters. Enjoy!

OIGINAL POST - Quentin is about to unveil his latest to the waiting world that is currently caught up in what feels like an underwhelming Cannes – but ahead of that, here’s a period poster for a Euro-pudding of a film  that his lead actor “Rick Dalton” starred in as he was slowly morphing into someone not a million miles away from Burt Reynolds – allegedly. Bring on the reviews, Cannes-folk!

Once Upon A Time In Hollywood opens July 26


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