Posted May 29 2019

Sundance London 2019 Preview - The Death Of Dick Long

Dir: Daniel Schienert

Starring Andre Hyland, Michael Abbott Jr, Virginia Newcomb

Following Swiss Army Man, director Daniel Scheinert returns to the arena of what to do with a dead body on screen with his latest, an altogether less satisfying film. Dick Long (no, still, nor a porno) starts with a rehearsal of garage band Pink Freud (one of the few jokes in the movie that works.) Said rehearsal soon results in the death of one of its members, the erstwhile Mr Long, dropped off outside a hospital, and the gradual unravelling of what occurred. Zeke and Earl are the hapless duo  who find their day increasingly complicated as events unfold and are revealed.

Safe to say what we learn is pure and simply witless, and, in a strange way, makes you hanker for the days of Kevin Smith and his donkey fucking in Clerks 2. At least that was funny.

Imbued with what can only be described as a misguided sense of trying to echo the charms of the TV version(s) of Fargo, this is an example of what could best be termed “modern American small town grotesque.” Imagine an early Harmony Korine documentary made into a narrative – and then run as far as you can.

Utterly tedious and by no means as funny as it wants to be. Much like Dick Long himself - dead on arrival.


The Death of Dick Long plays Sundance London 2019 on May 31 & June 1

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