Posted Oct 28 2015

John Wick - This Movie Rocks Old School

Dir: Chad Stahelski, David Leitch  

Starring Keanu Reeves, Dead Wife, Dead Dog, A Car, Michael Nyqvist, Alfie Allen

They should never have killed the dog. Sure, take the car, beat the shit out of the hero. But you just don’t kill the dog. Even the dog in Independence Day lived and that was against a whole alien invasion. Keanu’s pooch only had to take on Alfie Allen’s son of a Russian gangster. You just don’t kill the dog.

But if you do, it’s a good thing that you have someone like Reeves’ former hit man to hand, a man so skilled at his job and so feared that he’s the guy “you send to kill the bogeyman.” With his pooch gone, Wick is forced back into the game to exact a bloody and graphic revenge, digging up his previously stashed arsenal, the man returns with a vengeance, For vengeance.

Now 50, Reeves is far too young and fit looking to let this role fall into Neeson-like geriaction territory. He brings his patented on-screen zen-like sense of calm to the part of Wick. His wronged man anti-hero is a cool, lean and decidedly mean professional killer. And, as directed by Leitch and Stahelski (the latter being Keanu’s stunt double since The Matrix) John Wick the movie is an equally tight and effective mayhem machine. A decided throwback to the glory gory days of ‘80s action movies, this moves from kill to kill with a detached sheen of cool, rarely deviating to elaborate plot, content to stick with bare – and broken – bones basics.

John Wick is a lot of fun (possibly not as much full-on fun as the trailer suggested) but in its own ways, it’s refreshingly old fashioned and determined to stick to its many guns. The dog would have been proud of ‘im.


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