Posted Oct 28 2015

Wild Tales - This Movie Rocks Delirious

Dir: Damian Szifron

Starring Ricardo Darin, Leonardo Sbaraglia, Rita Cortese

 Wild Tales has one of the best openings of any movie this year. A plane full of passengers slowly discover that they…well we can’t say anymore, it would spoil it. But trust us – it’s brilliant. And very blackly funny, like the rest of Szifron’s film.

A portmanteau of six supposedly unrelated stories – although they are at times linked thematically by coincidence and/or revenge – Szifron dazzles with both his humour and his style. With Pedro Almodovar adding support as producer, Wild Tales moves from corrupt politicians to bureaucratic nightmare, from deadly road rage to wedding day infidelity to mad women in diners – an at times breathtakingly inventive melange, tinged with a winning retro quality, backed up by an appropriate, brilliant score from Gustavo Santaolalla.

There is inevitably some variation in the quality of the different tales (and he perhaps choses unwisely to finish with one of the weaker ones) but Wild Tales is hugely adventurous, extremely funny, and, yes, wild.


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