Posted Oct 28 2015

Song Of The Week - Frank Sinatra - It Was A Very Good Year

This past weekend, friends of the site The Oxford Archibalds dragged around 50% of the lastword team away to Theatreland, where we experienced Frank Sinatra: The Man And His Music. The show, currently residencing itself at the London Palladium (but due to tour the world) is a multi-media extravaganza, featuring a full orchestra playing the arrangements of Benny Goodman, Nelson Riddle, et al, a slew of dancers, and the monolith from 2001 which has finally revealed its purpose – it is here to occasionally descend from on high to play beautifully restored archive footage of Frank Sinatra, as the band plays along.

The whole thing was, needless to say, extraordinary, with a fine choice of songs (much to chose from obviously), and this one, one of Frank’s finest four minutes, providing a narrative thread throughout. When it shows up in your town – make wise and go along.

Thanks once again then for the treat to Glenn, Vick and young Oscar, who’s a massive Simon & Garfunkel fan. We must get round to featuring them one day…

Hit “Play” already!


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