Posted Oct 28 2015

Song Of The Week - Taylor Swift - Wildest Dreams

Here we are – back with Taylor Swift again. Why? Because she has simply delivered what looks like still being the best pop album of the year – couple of months to go, but we’re optimistic 2015 is 1989’s. Plus, here she is releasing what is possibly the best song of an amazing bunch as the umpteenth single from same. (Also, because she inspired Ryan Adams to cover her entire album and his 1989 is equally worth checking out – imagine there’s a link here, but no, you have to do the work yourself.)

Need a movie connection? (And why wouldn’t you?) The video pays homage to both Out Of Africa and The English Patient – two of the greatest one-night-stand-then-he-dies-at-the-end movies of all time!! Plus, although she hasn’t made many movies – Taylor was by far the only good thing in Gary Marshall’s Valentine’s Day. (And his Mother’s Day is pending – you have been warned.)

And final plus, do you know how few great pop songs use the word “nice”? – Look it up!

Then hit “Play” already.  Damn.


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