Posted Oct 28 2015

Backstreet Boys Show 'Em What You're Made Of - This Movie Pops

Dir: Stephen Kijak

Starring AJ, Brian, Nick, Kevin, Howie

The Backstreet Boys were in attendance at the screening of their Show ‘Em What You’re Made Of movie memoir that lastword attended last night. They smiled, they q&a’d and, briefly, sang. It was fun but more than anything it drove home the point that these former pop colossi are now staring down middle age and those boy visages that once adorned teenage bedroom walls the world over really aren’t that good looking a bunch of guys.

It’s a poignant observation and one that Kijak’s movie also makes well. This is the Backstreet Boys’ story – told through visits to their hometowns, a healthy dose of often amateur archive footage, and the recording of recent comeback album and subsequent tour. Along the way they fight, they make up, one of them reveals he knew enough German to ask for a blowjob when visiting such climes on tour. Throughout the whole thing there’s a genuine sense of intimacy and honesty, these former boys now heading into middle age and not ashamed to admit they want some of their former glory to keep going forever. Their earnestness is very sweet and their lack of cynicism, despite the usual story of dodgy management and lost millions, Becomes rather winning.

SEWYMO is like the best rock docs, not so much about the music as the people who make it. Fans will love it, the unconverted may well remain so but could still find the story involving. Having seen the Boys in the flesh we were left with just one burning question – having earned all those millions, how come not one of them knows how to dress for shit? Bunch of scruffs.

That said, while we have yet to download any album, we left the event at least now knowing the Boys’ names – A J, Nick, Howie, Brian and…um…hang on…um…it’ll come to us…


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