Posted Oct 28 2015

Spooks The Greater Good - This Movie Doesn't Quite Rock

Dir: Bharat Nalluri

Staring Peter Firth, Kit Harrington, Jennifer Ehle, Tim McInnerney, Tuppence Middleton


Starts well, ends well, gets a bit flabby in the middle – that’s the short version.

We here at lastword are fans of Spooks the TV show, and whilst this big screen incarnation certainly captures the essence of the show, it never seems to do any more than that (apart from last twice as long.)

Firth is back as the taciturn Harry Pearce, a man who’s face constantly reflects a tightened sphincter, desperately trying to stop/assist a marauding terrorist all of which results in a lot of running around the more scenic (and therefore recognisable) parts of London, in the company of young fit Kit (he does most of the running to be fair) as labyrinthine plot exposition is wheeled out over handheld camera shots to convince you the plot isn’t all a little dull.

Trouble is - it’s all a little dull.

Fans of the show probably won’t be disappointed, but they may also end up asking themselves why it isn’t on BBC 1 at 9 o’clock as well.


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