Posted Oct 28 2015

Directors' Shorts - Ridley Scott - Boy And Bicycle

For those about to join Sir Ridders on his exploration of new worlds in The Martian, here’s a chance to watch him look around his own surroundings of Hartlepool. Boy and Bicycle was shot in 1962 when Scott was studying at the Royal College of Art. It wasn’t completed until 1965 courtesy of a grant from the BFI (with composer John Barry, so impressed he helped him out on the music side.)

The short stars his brother Tony (although we’re presuming that’s Ridders himself on the voice over) dragged out of bed by his elder brother for filming so they could start making a name for themselves. Needless to say, they did. It’s a fascinating piece of very early work, tinged with a knowing sadness – “Funny how mum’s getting more like gran every day.”

However, despite such a promising start, with a whole heap of adverts ahead of him, it would be another fifteen years before Sir Ridders would make his feature debut, 1977’s The Duellists..


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