Posted Oct 28 2015

Song Of The Week - Robert Mitchum - The Ballad Of Thunder Road

We’ve been focusing SOTW on Hollywood legends these past couple of weeks, what with Dean Martin and Liza Minelli. And this week continues the theme. One of Hollywood’s archetypal bad boys, the weed smokin’, whisky drinkin’, Love and Hate knuckle-tattooed, original Max Cady that is, was and will always be Bob Mitchum provides us with this week’s number. This is the theme from his moonshine runnin’1958 classic Thunder Road, a movie that not only gave us the song The Ballad of Thunder Road, but also provided the title for what may well be Bruce Springsteen’s finest four minutes.

Mitchum had a curious sub-career, celebrated for his dope busts and his calypso music as much as some of his remarkable performances. This is him looking intense and singing like a bird (OK - a jail bird.) Hit play damnit!


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