Posted Oct 28 2015

White Bird In A Blizzard - This Movie Rocks Ever So Slightly

Dir: Gregg Araki

Starring Shailene Woodley, Eva Green, Christopher Meloni, Sheryl Lee, Angela Bassett

Araki continues his look at adolescence and sexuality in period suburbia with this adaptation of the novel by Laura Kasischke. His interiors still look like they’ve been lifted from pristine almost antiseptic furniture catalogues from the ‘60s and ‘70s, and into this world he places Woodley’s teenage girl, actively discovering her sexuality at the moment her mother (Green) vanishes. There is no clue as to what happened to her, no sign of any disturbance. She is simply gone.

Araki has fun with the unfolding story, but this is really a very slight film. One that feels like the director marking time and having a certain degree of sometimes camp fun – Green is at times in full Crawford mode, and loving it. She is increasingly developing into a very interesting actress, as is Woodley who is finally living up to all of her initial hype. Meloni too gets to play nicely against type, and, what with all this recent Twin Peaks news, it’s good to see Sheryl Lee back on screen, albeit briefly.

Fun while it lasts but, unlike some of Araki’s prior efforts, there’s little lasting here.


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