Posted Oct 28 2015

Song Of The Week - Dean Martin - Gentle On My Mind

Dean Martin. For some, the other Sinatra. For others, the man’s equal. For even others, the man’s better. For us, the man who sang the definitive version of Gentle On My Mind, one of the best pop songs of the late ‘60s. And that of course was just one of the chain smoking, whisky drinking crooner’s many, many greatest hits. This clip finds him opening an episode of his weekly network variety show, with a fag in one hand and the bourbon just out of shot, looking ridiculously cool and fluffing his intro to Zero Mostel. Awesome and, indeed, genius.

And do you really have to ask for a film connection? How about Matt Helm, the non-more-louche Bond-alike? How about Rio Bravo – the film Quentin Tarantino insists a woman must watch and love before he’ll even sleep with her? (That’s a way out ladies if you need it.) How about being one of the original Ocean’s 11? Or a member of the Rat Pack? Or one half of Martin and Lewis? Or one of The Sons of Katie Elder? Or the pilot in Airport? Or one of the Some (who) Came Running? Or even The Cannonball Run? (OK, maybe not that last one.) Or the way That’s Amore shows up in any romcom that features either an Italian, or a pizza? Or Scorsese’s on-going Dino biopic that still may or may not happen?

And in between his glorious screen career, the man took time out to make a few records. Hit Play!


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