Posted Oct 28 2015

Bypass - This Movie Does Not Rock

Dir: Duane Hopkins

Starring George Mackay, Charlotte Spencer, Benjamin Dilloway

Hopkins’ latest is a poetic state of the nation missive from housing estate Britain where young Tim (the always winning Mackay) is surrounded by petty crime, absent fathers, recently dead mothers, bailiffs banging at the door and, in his case, the shadow of a life threatening illness.

If he didn’t have a bike, life would be pretty grim indeed.

As a filmmaker, Hopkins is more concerned with individual images that cohesive narrative, backed up with his emphasis on ambient sound. It results in a very distancing film, populated by characters that illicit neither empathy nor interest. Brief mentions of the former steel industry hint at some form of “message” but Hopkins doesn’t seem overly concerned with delivering any such thing.

Poetic it may be – but it’s also portentous, pretentious and ponderous. A four “P” movie.


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