Posted Oct 28 2015

Song Of The Week - Bay City Rollers - Bye Bye Baby

Today marks the 12th anniversary of the release of Love Actually. (Actually it doesn’t. And 12th Anniversaries really aren’t a thing.) That said it is 12 years since that movie gave us a dancing PM in the shape of Hugh Grant, a Hobbit with his kit off, the divine Ms Thompson becoming a woman via the magic of Joni Mitchell, Chewie Ejiofor marrying Keira Knightley only to see that bloke off The Walking Dead trying to steal her with an old Bob Dylan trick, and Liam Neeson trading his dead wife in for a younger model – in this case literally - with model Claudia Schiffer. At least he had the good grace to play his old lady out with the Bay City Rollers.

At this time of the possible death of 1D – bow your heads and boogie on to the Rollers.

You know by now – hit “Play” already


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