Posted Oct 28 2015

Paranormal Activity The Ghost Dimension - This Movie 3D Vomits More Than Rocks

The laws of diminishing return have long since visited the Paranormal Activity franchise, so expectations were not high for this fifth and (allegedly) final outing (if you don’t count The Marked Ones – and who does?) And, whilst by no means anything special, it’s an improvement on the last couple, largely due to a desire to go all Poltergeist and a shameless use of 3D in the last ten minutes that goes old school with projectile vomiting coming right out of the screen and into your lap.

That aside, this has little more to offer. It plays with the so-called “mythology of the series, mixes in other contrivances, gets the feng shui woman to perform an exorcism (how appropriate is that?), and steals its visuals from Poltergeist. And, more than ever before, it never explains why the father of the house feels compelled to video every single second of his life!!!

Despite the standard-issue LOUD BANGS! (some of which still make you jump) this is for the most part tired, worn out and long past its sell-by date. If it wasn’t for the last few minutes of in your face projectile vomit, it wouldn’t be worth your time.


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