Posted Oct 28 2015

It Follows - This Movie Rocks The Rock, Walks The Walk

Dir: David Robert Mitchell

Starring Maika Monroe, Keir Gilchrist, Olivia Luccardi, Daniel Zovatto

Teenage sex and death – a popular theme of the genre – gets a neat reworking in Mitchell’s new, inventive horror. That said, the fear of walking gets a bit of a twist as well, as the possibility of sexually transmitted disease becomes sexually transmitted curse – a STC, if you will.

Monroe, building on the presence she showed in The Guest, is the young teen, living in an apparently parent-free neighbourhood that John Carpenter clearly had a hand in modelling, who sleeps with the guy she barely knows in the back of his car and finds herself tied to a chair in an underground car park with a lifeless naked woman walking towards her. And this is for her benefit.

Monroe’s Jay is now being “followed” – we’re not sure by what, we certainly don’t know how and we haven’t got a clue why, but writer-director Mitchell certainly displays a knack for creating strong tension out of the ordinary, with fear and dread seeping into every frame. On the surface everything is normal, but who is that person walking out of the background of the shot? We don’t know much about the nature of this curse, but we know all they can do is walk…which of course prompts a fair deal of running.

Mitchell’s film has a elegant pace that ramps up in genuinely suspenseful ways. Yes, there are occasional “genre bumps” but few and far between, and used effectively as such. This is old school horror with a fresh perspective, both psychological and very physical. And while his characters remain fairly ordinary (though well played) and his denouncement threatens to lose it (but doesn’t), It Follows is, overall, a smart movie full of dread and a genuine creeping sense of fear. With clear nods to Halloween and Let The Right One In, amongst others, this still manages to be a refreshingly original horror movie. And one that will put you off a day at the beach for quite some time to come.


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