Posted Oct 28 2015

Shaun The Sheep Movie - This Sheep Rocks

Dir: Mark Burton, Richard Starzak

Starring Shaun, Some Other Sheep, A Sheep Dog, A Farmer, George Clooney (nah, we just made that bit up to check if you were reading)

 Aardman are a lot quieter than the likes of Pixar. They favour Bristol over Hollywood. Plasticine over CG animation. So quiet in fact that you can almost forget how good they are. They’re making shorts for your kids on BBC TV. You could even take them for granted.

But give them a slightly bigger canvas, a slightly more captive audience and they remind us just how amazing they can be. Shaun, a former Wallace & Gromit co-star lest we forget, makes his big screen debut in a film designed for the young, but beguiling to just about anyone who gets to see it. Many who have already seen it have described the Shaun movie as a silent film, but it’s not. (Just like The Artist wasn’t!) It’s a dialogue-free film, but it’s music and soundscape plays almost as vital a part as the wondrous, characterful and character-filled stop motion animation.

The plot is basic – Shaun and the other sheep get on a bus, arrive in the city, chaos ensues. But what counts here is the sheer imagination of the filmmakers. Much like Pixar at their finest, the gags are almost too many to register on one viewing, the abundant references to all forms of pop culture always subtle and smart. (We particularly liked The Silence of The Lambs and Cape Fear moments, but there were many, many others.)

“A film for all the family” is often intoned as something of a cliché. Aardman says clichés be damned and make them something special again. Utterly charming.  


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