Posted Oct 28 2015

The Interview - This Movie (Almost) Rocks The North

Dir: Seth Rogen & Evan Goldberg

Starring The Increasingly Weird James Franco, Seth Ragen, Lizzy Caplan, Randall Park

The little film that shook the world. The hack that haunted Hollywood. The Seth Rogen movie with a McConaughy goat-fuck joke that President Obama stood up for. (Had he watched it?!?)

But, after all the dust has settled, and the North Koreans have gone back to their equivalent of Def-Con 3 – is it any good?

Well it’s got some good gags in it. As ever, excessive more than subtle, but sometimes, as is the way with this current school, just so ridiculous and too much that you can’t help but laugh. Several times. But, as is also a trait of this school, improv becomes repetition, becomes not knowing when to yell “Cut” (yes, directors Rogen and collaborator Goldberg – we mean you.)

But despite its plusses and its minuses, you can’t help but admire the fact that its guts are in the right place. It wants to prick (don’t laugh) the pomposity of the society around it, and really spends more time here having a pop at an American consumerist culture gone mad than it does satirising a crazed political dictatorship. And at times it’s funny – the increasingly weird James Franco in particular (who is clearly out to reclaim his crown here from his rising brother Dave.)

These Apatow by-product boys have clearly learned from their mentor and whist Apatow has a similar fondness for excess, he is also a man whose works display (crucially) a lot more heart than any of his off-spring have yet to muster. But they do give the sense that they’re learning.

So full marks here for intent. Half marks for delivery. Extra points for the sheer fact that a so-so comedy can still rock the world on so many levels. And you will laugh – even if you find the whole thing tiresome by the end.


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