Posted Oct 28 2015

Song Of The Week - They Might Be Giants - Birdhouse In Your Soul

They Might Be Giants were formed in 1982 by the two Johns, Flansburgh and Linnell. They initially worked as a two piece with a drum machine and were so prodigious that for 23 years they ran Dial-A-Song which you could access by phoning a number and hearing their latest recording on their answerphone (remember answerphones? No, not really.) They even recorded several of their songs onto long playing records and those new fangled CD thingies, the most successful of which was their third “a brand new record for 1990, They Might Be Giants' brand new album – Flood” – from which Birdhouse In Your Soul was the big hit.

They later went on to win a Grammy for Boss Of Me, the theme from Malcolm In The Middle, and, more recently still, found great success with a string of award winning educational records for children such as Here Come The ABCs and Here Come The 123s.

If you’re looking for a movie connection, look no further than their name. They Might Be Giants was a 1971 film starring George C. Scott as a man who believes he is Sherlock Holmes.

You know what to do by now – hit “Play!”


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