Posted Oct 28 2015

The Voices - This Movie Darkly Rocks

Dir: Marjane Satrapi

Starring Ryan Reynolds, Gemma Arterton, Anna Kendrick

This pitch black comedy sees Reynolds as a disturbed young man, working at a bathroom furniture packing factory, who goes home every night and talks his cat and dog – and hears them talking back to him. And the Scottish-accented cat, Mr Whiskers, is not that nice, delivering more than a few home truths that appear to be driving Reynolds over the edge.

Reynolds’ Jerry is not taking his meds so it could all be in his head, but one thing that is definitely for real occurs the night he takes girl from the accounts department Gemma Arterton out – and violently kills her. Thus a serial killer is born, egged on by his kitty, as Satrapi’s film digs into the psyche of a such a killer but, you know, with gags.

It’s a genre-crossing film, with its humour often sitting uncomfortably with its many violent and shocking moments. But that appears to be the point. For the most part we see the world from Jerry’s unbalanced perspective, and he would obviously prefer to find the decapitated heads of his victims talking back to him, rather than merely rotting in the fridge.

It does suffer from such tonal issues however, often impressing more when it sticks to its darker more unpleasant moments than when Reynolds goes for the goofy side of his psychotic murderer. It’s an issue that unbalances a film that strives to be off balance in the first place. More of it works than doesn’t however (although an end titles sing-along definitely falls into the latter category.)


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