Posted Oct 28 2015

Song Of The Week (Extra Bonus Track - 12 Inch Single) - Bob Dylan & Tom Waits - Together At Last!

OK, so we know this Letterman thing is running and running - but damnit, we're missing him already!

In his final moments, the man chose the acts he wanted, the music he loved. Dylan got to play the penultimate show (a double bill of Bill Murray and Bob Dylan - we died!!) even if he did go for a song from his recent underwhelming classic covers album (big mistake Bob - but don't you just love a big mistake...)


 ...a week earlier, Tom Waits got it completely right with a new song - "This is for you Dave" - and left nary a dry eye.

We so liked the idea of Tom and a handcuffed George Clooney being on the same bill, that we chucked in the interview, proving that everyone should have a little more Tom Waits in their lives. We'll stop moruning soon (at least one more bit to come) but, damnit, as Rolling Stone once said "It's Dave's World - We Just Live In it."





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