Posted Oct 28 2015

Song(s) Of The Week - Double Bill! - Paul Simon - You Can Call Me Al & George Ezra - Listen To The Man (Plus Non-Hidden Bonus Track!)

A man walks into a pop video, sits down, starts singing his song – and a big time movie star takes over!

Thirty years separates Pau Simon’s You Can Call Me Al and George Ezra’s Listen To The Man – but the videos are basically the same. Chevy Chase usurps Simon, Ian McKellen does the same for Ezra. Times move on, but pop music remains the same.

Hit “Play.” Then hit “Play” again


And here’s a bonus track for you – the lesser known Paul Simon-Chevy Chase reteaming (with added Steve Martin) Proof. It’s good – but’s it no Al.

Hit “Play” anyway. 


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